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Welcome to TnB's Portal! We are a group of laid-back, fun-loving slackers that are currently playing World of Warcraft and love to play MMOs in general. All of our members are located on the Kalecgos server. Most of us have day jobs, so you'll usually find us online between 6pm and 12am MST on the weekdays and pretty much any time on the weekends.

We are ALWAYS seeking new members. If you're lvl 50+, not a dumbass, can laugh at yourself, and most important, laugh at others, then you'd fit right in with us.
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536966835_Inactive, Oct 24, 05 4:03 PM.
Despite Lumar's and Puff's claims that the group would never make it past Noxxion, they successfully ran through both sides and got the parts to make the staff. Group consisted of:

 - Izzle      50 Paladin
 - Lumar   49 Priest
 - Luhar   48 Warrior
 - Bugsy   46 Mage
 - Puffalump   45 Mage

Okay, it wasn't entirely successful. Luhar got distracted with his wife asking about newbie quests in one ear and his little boy going "la la la" in the other and... um... charged when he shouldn't have. According to Luhar, he tabbed out during a break in the action to look up a quest for his wife. When he tabbed back in, he saw something like "Okay, charge the big guy" on the chat screen. heh... wipe...

They wiped a second time during the fight with Landslide. The big ugly bastard punted Luhar over the edge and he fell all the way down to the bottom. Hilarity ensued and the party wiped again. Strangely enough, Noxxion and Vyletongue were easy.

It'll be interesting to see how they do against the Princess. Puff and Lumar have vowed never to doubt the power of MHM again (especially those little mages... daaayum!)


537443779_Inactive, Oct 20, 05 10:18 AM.
Here is your website... Luhar and Lumar have been updating it this afternoon. =) It's all ready for WoW... Just needs some more content and we're gtg.

The WoW chapter of MHM has started

536966835_Inactive, Oct 19, 05 4:17 PM.
Well... it's actually been around for quite a while now, but I just found out this stupid website is still live from back when we were playing FFXI and Shadowbane. Might as well update it with some semi-current news. Anybody ever come here anymore? Yeah... didn't think so. Why do I bother? I'm such a schloob. *sigh*

If you're masochistic or just plain dumb enough to wanna join this stupid guild, then send a tell to Luhar, Lumar, Izzle, Bugsy, Whelp, Slimj, or any other random player with "MHM" over their heads and we'll think about it. Second thought, you might have to spam tells to us, because most of the time we're just too damn lazy to look down at the chat window.
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